Fuck Charities

I must be fucked in the head, even for my standards. I go out for a walk amongst the city crowd to enjoy the crisp winter air and all I can think of is the urge to murder somebody.


My fault entirely. I should have planned to go eat something or at least go shopping, buy something. Neither food or product interested me, instead, I came out for a walk and the fresh air. But without a hefty distraction… who knew how things would pan out?

I pass the little, skinny boy-like women with hand-drawn signposts selling massages. Nope. Gotta stay clear of that. Gotta stop daydreaming before I get smashed by traffic as I cross the road.

Fuck this urge.

A young punk with a pango as wide as his forearm approaches me. It says, I can’t ascertain its gender, “I don’t want your money, just your signature against slave labour, women’s rights….” How many of these empathy drunk creatures have I killed?  I smile and act concerned…

…I should have come out with a plan.

6 thoughts on “Fuck Charities

  1. This may well be a kill free day. He seems to be taking self disciplinary measures. Makes sense. Holy shit did things get a bit wild last week.

  2. Empathy is what gets ugly people like us a shag. Disgusting is what floats the hunter’s boat. You wont show your real face cause itll send us all a YM! Dude your retarded! 

  3. @~garonne47 Your da one fucking bent, it can’t get any worse than dumbass like you! ~transv3rsal

    @~transv3rsal I’m quite hungry, maybe you could whip me up a bacon roll when you’re finished fucking your Dad and Mum.

  4. @~garonne47 You got your bum buddy join the argument. What a prick mate. Stick up for your own shit. Don’t get others to troll for you, you bent fucking arsehole.

  5. The little fish didn’t take the bit. ~7he_hun7er

    @~7he_hun7er So it turned out to be a kill free day? ~rivaagli

    @~rivaagli Wait for it.

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